• Bureaucratic autonomy is a useful tool to study international organisations‘ legitimacy and effectiveness in global governance

    Jörn Ege, Researcher in Autonomy Project

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International Public Administration: The Emergence and Development of Administrative Patterns and their Effects on International Policy-Making

The Research Unit "International Public Administration" is a research program that studies the administrative bodies of international organizations. Its mission is to understand international organizations’ internal working patterns and routines, and to explore their role in international policy-making.

The multi-disciplinary Research Unit was established in mid-2014. Christoph Knill (LMU Munich) serves as its speaker. The Unit comprises twenty-five scholars who work in seven projects at five German universities. Each project addresses one particular question on international public administration.

Funding for this multi-annual research program is provided by the German Science Foundation (DFG) until 2020.


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