The Emergence and Development of Administrative Patterns and their Effects on International Policy-Making (Z-Project)

The Z-Project coordinates the individual projects of the research unit, with the major objective being to facilitate the efforts to answer the unit’s common research questions and to institutionalize the scientific exchange between the sub-projects. The sub-projects combine the expertise of distinguished scholars in several disciplinary fields in a cooperative effort to develop a common understanding of international public administration. The research unit’s cooperative effort comprises the following main areas:

Shared Data: Individual projects have restricted capacities for collecting and managing quantitative as well as qualitative data. The research unit pools resources to establish a major shared stock of structural data on international public administration (e.g., on staff, resources, decision rules, etc.). The data set will be an important source for further research on IPAs and will be made accessible to the scientific community in the future.

Shared Access: As access to our research objects, the international administrative elite, is a scarce resource, a common access strategy and the use of existing contacts by several of the members of the research group becomes necessary. The aim of the research group is to deal with the problem of access by pooling empirical efforts. All sub-projects will work with case studies in a limited set of IPAs. Without effective inter-project coordination there would be some overlap regarding the IPAs under scrutiny.

Shared Information: The sharing of information is essential for cooperation in the research group. Therefore the establishment of a shared database of literature, data, and documents is planned and will be made available through an interactive homepage, partially open to the public. The state of the sub-projects will be discussed in regular, semi-annual workshops.

Shared Products: The research group operates on the basis of a common strategy for the presentation and publication of its results. These comprise edited volumes and special issues that bring together the findings of the research unit, as well as single publications resulting from the projects and related qualification works.

Shared Outreach: The research unit is interested in sharing and disseminating its findings to other academics, policy-makers and the general public. Towards that end, the unit presents its findings at academic conferences and shares them with bureaucrats and policy-makers in the organisations under scrutiny. Please contact us for questions and further information.

Prof. Dr. Christoph Knill Speaker
Dr. Yves Steinebach Coordinator