Between 22-25 August 2018, the ECPR General Conference in Hamburg features a section by the Research Unit „International Public Administration“ titled „21st Century International Bureaucracy: People, Power, and Performance“. The section will be chaired by IPA researchers Jörn Ege (University of Exeter/ University of Speyer) and Per-Olof Busch (University of Potsdam) and includes 8 panels. The various panels in this section address questions from leadership to representative bureaucracy (‚people‘), from relations between member states and the administration(s) to political dynamics inside the bureaucracies (‚power‘), from the efficiency of international bureaucracy to its influence on public policy-making and its relevance for implementation of policies (‚performance‘).

If you want to submit a paper that fits into one of the panels, you can already get in touch with the respective panel chairs to see whether you can fit into one of these. Each panel can be submitted with 4-5 papers, so panel chairs may have to select from a larger number of proposals than there will be slots available.

Official deadline for the submission of papers is 15 February 2018.

Chairperson Panel
K. Moloney, Murdoch University; D. Stone, University of Canberra/ University of Warwick Panel 1: International Public Administration, Global Policy and Transnational Administration: Concepts, Connections, and Differences
M. Beerkens, Leiden University; R. Patz, LMU Munich Panel 2: International bureaucracies reaching out: coordination and cooperation beyond organizational boundaries
J. Ege, University of Speyer/Exeter Panel 3: International bureaucracies‘ influence on public policy and international organizations
V. Carraro, T. Conzelmann, University of Maastricht Panel 4: Bureaucrats, experts, and representatives: Monitoring in multi-actor networks
T. Hickmann, University of Potsdam Panel 5: Interactions of International Bureaucracies with Sub- and Non-State Actors
K. Schlichte, University of Bremen Panel 6: Bureaucratic representations
F. Badache, University of Lausanne Panel 7: The International Civil Service: What do we know and what do we need to know
P.-O. Busch, Potsdam Panel 8: International bureaucracies as cognitive actors


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