The ECPR organizing committee recently approved a section proposal put forth by Andrea Liese and Michael Bauer for the upcoming 10th ECPR General Conference in Prague (7-10. September 2016).

The section welcomes panel and paper proposals on all aspects of the design, impact, and changing landscape of international organizations. We invite contributions that advance theoretical and conceptual frameworks for the study of international organizations (IOs) and international public administrations (IPAs) as well as empirical contributions that analyze IOs and IPAs as actors in global politics and in international policy-making in comparative or systemic perspective. The section chairs encourage submissions bringing together a diverse set of theoretical and methodological approaches, including Panels and Papers building bridges between International Relations, Public Administration, and Public Policy and bringing new methods to the study of international organizations.

Already accepted panels include:

  • Panel 1: The Autonomy of International Organizations (Michael Bauer, Jörn Ege, University Speyer)
  • Panel 2: Changing finances of international organizations (Ronny Patz, LMU Munich)
  • Panel 3: Authority of international bureaucracies (Per-Olof Busch, Andrea Liese, Potsdam University)
  • Panel 4: International bureaucracies and security governance (Hylke Dijkstra, Maastricht University; Steffen Eckhard, LMU Munich)
  • Panel 5: Representativeness in International Organizations (Michal Parízek, Charles University in Prague)

For more information on the section see: