IMG_0132Between 14-16 September 2017, the ECPR General Conference in Prague featured a section by the Research Unit „International Public Administration“ titled „21st Century International Bureaucracy: People, Power, and Performance“. The section was chaired by IPA researchers Ronny Patz and Steffen Eckhard (both LMU Munich) and included 4 panels and 20 papers focusing on various aspects of the design, impact, and changing landscape of international organizations and their bureaucratic bodies. Research Unit members Per-Olof Busch, Andrea Liese, Michael W. Bauer, Jörn Ege, Hauke Feil, Jana Herold, Ronny Patz, Klaus Goetz, Steffen Eckhard and Christina Kern contributed papers and/ or presented at the section.

Panel 1: How do International Organizations see their Environment, and how does it Matter? Details
Panel 2: International Bureaucracies‘ Influence on Public Policy and International Organizations Details
Panel 3: The Bureaucrats in International Public Administration (‘People’) Details
Panel 4: Publicness and Privateness in IGOs as Meta-Bureaucracies and NGOs as Neo-Governmental Organizations Details