IPA researchers Dr. Ronny Patz (LMU) and Dr. Steffen Eckhard (LMU) hosted a panel at the 9th European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) General Conference at the Université de Montreal on 29 August 2015. The panel titled „Bureaucratic perspectives on international organizations“sought to enhance exchange among scholars who study international organizational from an organizational perspective in order to learn how internal processes impact their performance and learning, and how international bureaucracies respond to challenges their organizations face from the outside world.

The panel featured contributions on the output performance of international organizations (Jonas Tallberg, Thomas Sommerer, Magnus Lundgren, Theresa Squatrito), on the performance of international courts (Andreas Follesdal, Oran Young, Theresa Squatrito), on administrative styles (Christoph Knill, Steffen Eckhard, Stephan Grohs), on patterns of multi-level administration (Arthur Benz, Andreas Corcaci, Jan Doser), and on budgetary processes in international organizations (Klaus Goetz, Ronny Patz).

For more details on the panel and the papers, see: http://ecpr.eu/Events/PanelDetails.aspx?PanelID=4192&EventID=94