Palgrave Macmillan published the Research Unit IPA’s new book „International Bureaucracy: Challenges and Lessons for Public Administration Research“, edited by Michael W. Bauer, Christoph Knill and Steffen Eckhard and featuring articles exclusively by members of the Research Unit. The book applies established analytical concepts such as influence, authority, administrative styles, autonomy, budgeting and multilevel administration to the study of international bureaucracies and their political environment and reflects on the commonalities and differences between national and international administrations. It shows how the study of international bureaucracies can fertilize interdisciplinary discourse, in particular between International Relations, Comparative Government and Public Administration and makes a forceful argument for Public Administration to take on the challenge of internationalization.

The volume includes the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1: A public administration perspective on international organizations (Michael W. Bauer, Steffen Eckhard, Jörn Ege, Christoph Knill)
  • Chapter 2: A matter of will and action: The bureaucratic autonomy of international public administrations (Michael W. Bauer, Jörn Ege)
  • Chapter 3: Administrative styles of international organizations: Can we find them, do they matter? (Christoph Knill, Jan Enkler, Sylvia Schmidt, Steffen Eckhard, Stephan Grohs)
  • Chapter 4: Orchestrating (bio-) diversity: The secretariat of the Convention of Biological Diversity as an attention-seeking bureaucracy (Helge Jörgens, Nina Kolleck, Barbara Saerbeck, and Mareike Well)
  • Chapter 5: The authority of international public administrations (Per-Olof Busch, Andrea Liese)
  • Chapter 6: Changing budgeting administration in international organizations: Budgetary pressures, complex principals and administrative leadership (Ronny Patz, Klaus H. Goetz)
  • Chapter 7: Multilevel administration in international and national contexts (Arthur Benz, Andreas Corcaci, Jan Wolfgang Doser)
  • Chapter 8: International public administrations – A new type of bureaucracy? Lessons and challenges for public administration research (Michael W. Bauer, Christoph Knill, Steffen Eckhard)