The Global Policy Journal published the Research Unit IPA’s new special issue „Resourcing International Organizations„, guest-edited by Klaus H. Goetz and Ronny Patz. This edition features articles based on the workshop hosted at the Geschwister-Scholl Institute of Political Science in June 2016 dealing with the finances and resourcing of international organizations. The special issue also includes articles by research unit members Jörn Ege, Michael W. Bauer, and Steffen Eckhard.

The special issue sets out trends in the financial resources available to IOs; discusses their organizational consequences; and highlights analytical implications for the study of IOs. The observations made in the special issue invite an analytical perspective in the study of IOs that pays systematic attention to the administrative governance dimension of IOs; the entrepreneurial character of many IOs; and organizational fields as a focus of analysis. Read together, the 11 contributions to the special issue underline that paying attention to their resourcing can advance our understanding of IOs.

The following research unit articles are featured:

Klaus H. Goetz and Ronny Patz: Resourcing International Organizations: Resource Diversification, Organizational Differentiation, and Administrative Governance

Jörn Ege and Michael W. Bauer: How Financial Resources Affect the Autonomy of International Public Administrations

Steffen Eckhard and Hylke Dijkstra: Contested Implementation: The Unilateral Influence of Member States on Peacebuilding Policy in Kosovo

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